FBE is a versatile global media brand and entertainment studio. We produce serialized, long-form, scripted, and unscripted content for network TV series and new digital buyers of original content. At a time when record numbers of fans are leaving television to embrace premium digital content and stars online, FBE is leading multi-platform storytelling across a massive online fanbase. FBE has produced long form TV programming for truTV, Freeform, Nickelodeon, YouTube Red, and Fullscreen, and currently in development on several new shows sold to TV networks. In the passed, FBE has sold shows into development with TBS, USA, Sundance Channel, Comedy Central, MTV, and more. We are always on the lookout for great stories and memorable characters that can inform and inspire vast global audiences across new and innovative digital formats and platforms.


sing it tv page

YouTube tapped FBE to produce SING IT!, a half hour sitcom that provides a satirical take on singing competition shows. FBE partnered with Mandeville Films to produce 10 episodes of the first half hour length sitcom available exclusively on YouTube Red. Starring Mircea Monroe, Mark Jude Sullivan, Debby Ryan, and Missi Pyle; SING IT! is available on the FBE channel with a YouTube Red subscription.

six degrees tv page

FBE, in partnership with Marc Summers Productions, produced ten 30-minute episodes of the comedic show for truTV. The show follows the Benny and Rafi Fine as they try to prove that any two things in the world can be connected within six degrees. Using sketch pieces, original songs, reality clips, animation and man-on-the-street interviews they attempt to connect their two topics in a single episode.The goal, as Benny and Rafi Fine explain, is to provide high quality “edutainment” for viewers. “With every topic we’re touching upon,” says Benny Fine, “we’re going to give you something that [makes] you go, “Woah, I didn’t know that, and I gotta tell someone.” Six Degrees of Everything premiered August 2015.
react to that tv page

Partnered with Nick Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment, FBE produced 13 Episodes of ReactToThat for Nickelodeon. Developed from FBE’s flagship REACT format, celebrities and children react to viral online videos. A twist to the digital format was added for the television show where the participants pop out of the reaction room and partake in a challenge or showdown based on the video they just watched, such as trying to see who can clap the fastest or who can make a trick basketball shot.
pretty little liars tv page

ABC Family enlisted FBE to produce a fan program titled Superfan Suite for its hit show, Pretty Little Liars. The program aired as interstitials all day long on August 11, 2015 during ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars (PLL) marathon and leading up to the big finale.Hosted by PLL super fans Stephanie Gray, Ashley Mova, Meghan Lamontagne, and Sinead de Vries, the Suite is the place for fans to experience the ultimate insider’s look at their favorite show, and features behind-the-scenes facts, info-revealing games, and talks with PLL stars like Ian Harding and celebrity Superfans like Lance Bass and Bailee Madison.